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The Academy is a building in The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-earth. This structure allows you to research new technologies to make your city more efficient and your armies more powerful than ever. Research is one of the few things that you can spend Gold on other than Hero Salaries. Other things you spend gold on include training Tier 4 troops and training Tactical Troops in Lake-town.

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Research Description
Fertilizer Fertility charms and songs increase your Food production by 10% per level.
Arbors Advanced treelore increases your Wood production by 10% per level.
Masonry Advanced stonelore increases your Stone production by 10% per level.
Smelting Advanced earthlore increases your Ore production by 10% per level.
Siege Weapons Increases the speed of troop training by 10% per level.
Far Seeing Higher levels give you more detailed information when scouting.
Honed Blades Advanced forge lore increases your troops' attack strength by 5% per level.
Metal Alloys Required for advanced weapons and armor.
Saddlebags Well designed and well placed saddlebags increase troops' load by 10% per level.
Cartography Accurate maps increase your foot troops' marching speed by 10% per level.
Horseshoes Improved horseshoes increase mounted troops' march speed by 5% per level.
Fletching Better fletching techniques are required to train various advanced troop types
Strongbox Well-made strongboxes increase your Vault's capacity by 10% per level.
Vigor Training and healing salves increase your troops' health by 5% per level.
Engineering Advanced math and stonesongs speed up construction by 10% per level.
Gem Pouch Increase the load of Gem Shards by 10% per level, chance to discover items.
Oystering Innovative diving techniques increase Pearl production by 10% per level.

Upgrade Requirements[]

Level Pre-requisite Food Wood Stone Ore Time
1 -- -- -- -- -- --
2 Level 2 240 5000 3300 400 16m
3 Level 2 480 10000 6600 800 32m
4 Level 2 960 20000 13200 1600 1h 4m
5 Level 2 1920 40000 26400 3200 2h 8m
6 Level 2 3840 80000 52800 6400 4h 16m
7 Level 2 7680 176000 96000 12800 8h 32m
8 Level 2 15360 320000 211200 25600 17h 4m
9 Level 2 30720 640000 422400 51200 1d 10h 8m
10 Level 2
Hobbit Building Crew 1
61440 1408000 768000 102400 2d 20h 16m
  • Not all values may be correct, going by best guess as per pattern over multiple buildings. Will test values and update if incorrect.
  • The times for completion are generic. These are the times that it takes without any research or speed increase features.