Hobbit Armies Wiki

Every new player is granted Beginner's Protection.


Beginners cannot be attacked or scouted by other players for their first 7 days or until their Keep reaches level 5, whichever comes first. Use this period to build up your city and troops to prepare for the battles to come!


While under Beginner's Protection, you may still put your troops to test by attacking Goblin Camps and unoccupied Wilds.

Once your Beginner's Protection has expired, your cities can be attacked by other players. Cities can be defended by troops and Wall Defenses.

You may extend your Beginner's Protection or declare peace at any time by purchasing Protection Rune items from the shop.

If you are a member of an Alliance, Beginner's Protection can also be extended by the Alliance Buff "Guardian Angels". Duration is extended based on the level of the buff.


When under beginners protection, build up your army, join an Alliance, and build and upgrade your Vault and your keep as much as you can. It is crucial that you do this in this time. Keep your head up even when you lose, you must build your army as much as possible, remember your might will also be used to rank you and your Alliance against other players! But remember not to level up your Keep to Level 5 until you are ready, it will cancel your bubble if you still have it!