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Where to Obtain Chests[]

Chests can be obtained from the Mithril shop, the Alliance Shop, Goblin Caverns, Alliance Bosses, certain Campaign maps, Galadriel's Gift, inside other chests, and various do it by sucking dock

Sample of Mithril Shop Chests

Most of the following chests are always available. As you progress in the game, the relative value of them tends to decrease over time.

Mithril Shop Chests
Hourglass Chest
Contains 5 Gollum's Hourlgasses, 5 Elrond's, 6 Galadriel's, 1 Radagast's, 1 Gandalf's . 325 Mithril
Resource Chest Contains 5 each of Minor Food, Wood, Stone, and Ore Runes. 120 Mithril
Resource Surplus Contains 6 each of 40,000 extra Gold, Food, Wood, Stone, and Ore. 270 Mithril
Magical Restoration Contains Hourglasses - 10 Bilbo's, 5 Gollum's, 5 Elrond's, 5 Galadriel's, 3 Radagast's, and 2 Gandalf's. This also includes 5 Runes of Destruction 450 Mithril
Gift from Saruman Contains 50 Bilbo's Hourglasses, 25 Gollum's Hourglasses, 2 Elronds' Hourlgasses, 2 Galadriel's Hourglasses, 5 Gollum's Tokens, 1 Major Protection Rune and also one each of 40,000 resource - Gold, Food, Wood, Stone and Ore. 350 Mithril
Gollum's Tokens Chest Contains 50 Gollum's Tokens. 225 Mithril
Hobbit Special Delivery Contains 5 Hobbit Building Crews. 400 Mithril
Radagast's Protection Contains 2 Major Protection Runes and 2 Radagast's Gifts. 100 Mithril
Hero's Chests Contains 3 Train With Archers and 2 Train with Gandalf. 290 Mithril
Train With Archers Bundle Contains 10 Train with Archers. 249 Mithril
Train With Gandalf Chest Contains 5 Train with Gandalfs. 449 Mithril

There are many great chests in the shop and Kabam always has some kind of special chest on sale with the chance to win great items for fairly low amounts of Mithril. Other time they will put current chests on sale for lower prices than they are usually offered for.

Mystery Chests[]

Mystery chests, unlike most of the chests listed above, contain an element of randomness. This usually means they can contain items of a value far greater than the chest cost alone, but only on rare occasions. More likely, they'll have some minimum amount based on the cost of the chest which is the most common result.

In 2016, new mystery chests come out at a rate of 1 or 2 a day, for Mithril purchase, and appear in Wheels of various kinds. They are too numerous to track without developer support, and don't stay around very long anyway. Most will eventually appear in a variety of Monday mystery chests, include a regular Monday mystery chest, a Multiple Monday Mystery Chest, a Mighty Monday Mystery chest, or even a Tactical Monday mystery chest. Then, again, those Monday chests start appearing in Monthly Memories chests, like the February Memories chest or April Memories chest (notable for having the highest might available of any Monday mystery-type chest).

The following is a list, in no particular order, of various chest names. More info on each TBD.

  • Crafty Little Hobbitses (Runes, Hobbits, premium HG)
  • Ascended Champions (T4 troops, glory, valto, other chests)
  • Militia Mobilization (T1 troops, glory, might, tokens)
  • Sword Bearer (T4 troops, +)
  • Iron Insanity(T4 & T5, +)
  • 14 million strong ("troops", might, HBC, tokens)
  • Monday Mystery
  • Rivendell's Rush (T4)
  • Blacksmith's Armory (T4 & T5)
  • Hobbit Holidays (T4)
  • Hero's Chest of Valor (MR)
  • Assembling Avengers (5 tactical, T4, T5, HBC, RoI)
  • Fortress Forgers (T2 and Hobbits)
  • Rallying Raiders (LR, HBC, tokens)
  • Resurgent Renown (T4, T4, T1, tokens,)
  • Handy Halfings (runes, hobbits)
  • Ring of Warlords (T1, void ring)
  • Bands of Balance (T3)
  • Cloak of the Ages (T3)
  • Fatal Fusion (SG or T5, 570k to 5.7m might, glory, hobbits, premium hg)
  • Abandoned Army (T5, glory, Void)
  • Chains of Carnage (T3, void, mystic kings)
  • Little Box of Might (T1-T5, hobbits, tw)