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Goblin Camps are home to the barbaric creatures. Defeat their camps to win valuable resources. Higher level camps (6-10) may even drop Relics needed to obtain useful items.

NOTE: you will always lose some troops when attacking Goblin Camps. To reduce your losses, make sure you use the suggested troop types. You can also reduce losses by researching Vigor and Honed Blades at the Academy and by having a higher level Hero lead your march. You can also use attack runes to increase your troops' strength.

Camp Level Image Might Enemy Troops
400 100 Archers (Tier 1 Ranged)
800 200 Wolf Riders (Tier 1 Mounted)
1200 300 Goblins (Tier 1 Foot)
2400 200 Goblins (Tier 1 Foot)

200 Archers (Tier 1 Ranged)
200 Wolf Riders (Tier 1 Mounted)

6400 400 Archers (Tier 1 Ranged)

300 Dart Throwers (Tier 2 Ranged)

8800 600 Wolf Riders (Tier 1 Mounted)

400 Warg Riders (Tier 2 Mounted)

11200 800 Goblins (Tier 1 Foot)

500 Goblin Warriors (Tier 2 Foot)

14400 400 Goblins (Tier 1 Foot)

400 Archers (Tier 1 Ranged)
400 Wolf Riders (Tier 1 Mounted)
200 Goblin Warriors (Tier 2 Foot)
200 Dart Throwers (Tier 2 Ranged)
200 Warg Riders (Tier 2 Mounted)

25600 1000 Archers (Tier 1 Ranged)

600 Dart Throwers (Tier 2 Ranged)
500 Rock Throwers (Tier 3 Ranged)

32400 1300 Wolf Riders (Tier 1 Mounted)

800 Warg Riders (Tier 2 Mounted)
600 Armored Warg Riders (Tier 3 Mounted)

Battle Logs[]

LEVEL 1 Goblin Camp

Loot: 2.6k gold, 7.8k food, 5.2k wood/stone/ore

Defending troops: Ranged (100 T1)

Suggested Troop Type: Mounted

My Troops (WINNER)

Mounted Dwarves * (mounted)----------------------------201---------------165 survived (-36 troops)

Boar Riders** (mounted)------------------------------------501---------------501

Supply Carts**(Loader)--------------------------------------152---------------152

Enemy Troops

Archers (ranged)-------------------------------100--------------0 survived

LEVEL 2 Goblin Camp

Loot: 3.90K gold, 11.7K? food, 7.80K wood, 7.80 stone, 7.80 ore

Defending Troops: Mounted (200 T1)

Suggested Troop Type: Foot

My Troops (WINNER)

Dwarven Militia* (foot)---------------------------------------351--------------------273 survived (-78 troops)

Dwarf Warriors** (foot)--------------------------------------446--------------------446 survived

Suppy Carts**(loader)---------------------------------------140--------------------140

Enemy Troops

Wolf Riders (mounted)---------------------------------------200--------------------0 survived

--I'm not sure exactly how much troops to use, so I combined 1 star and 2 star troops, it seems like 1 stars are the one thats taking the blow, like a shield to the stronger 2 star troops. The number of troops might be a bit more than it needs but I guess having more is better for lesser damage.

Contributed by: Galadriel

LEVEL 3 Goblin Camp

Loot: 6.50K gold, 19.5K food, 13K each wood/stone/ore

Defending Troops: Foot (300 T1)

Suggested Troop Type: Ranged My Troops (WINNER)

Axe Throwers* (ranged)-------------------------------100----------------------0 survived (-100 troops)

Siege Crossbows** (ranged)-----------------------2000----------------------1995 survived (-5 troops)

Enemy Troops

Goblins (foot)---------------------------------------------300-----------------------0 survived

LEVEL 4 Goblin Camp


Defending Troops:

Suggested Troop Type: No advantage

LEVEL 5 Goblin Camp

Loot:24.7k gold, 74k Food, 49.4k Wood, 49.4k Stone, 49.4k Ore

Defending Troops: Ranged (300 T2, 400 T1)

Suggested Troop Type: Mounted

My Troops (WINNER)

Mounted Dwarves * (mounted)----------------------------700---------------227 survived (-473 troops)

Boar Riders** (mounted)------------------------------------800---------------800

Supply Carts**(Loader)--------------------------------------50---------------50

Enemy Troops

Archers (ranged)-------------------------------400--------------0 survived

Dart Throwers(ranged)-----------------------300--------------0 survived

LEVEL 6 Goblin Camp

Loot: 35.1k gold, 105k food, 70.2k wood/stone/ore

Defending Troops: Mounted (400 T2, 600 T1)

Suggested Troop Type: Foot

My Troops (WINNER)

Mithlond Guards--------5000--------------4976(-24 troops)

Enemy Troops

Wolf Riders (mounted)--------------------------------------------600------------------0 survived

Warg Riders (mounted)-------------------------------------------400------------------0 survived

LEVEL 7 Goblin Camp

Loot: 44.1k gold, 132k food, 88.4k wood/stone/ore

Defending Troops: Foot

Goblins: 800, Goblin Warriors x 500

Suggested Troop Type: Ranged

LEVEL 8 Goblin Camp

Loot: 75,4K Gold, 226K Food, 150K Wood/Stone/Ore

Defending Troops: Foot, Ranged, and Mounted (200 T2 x 3, 400 T1 x 3)

Suggested Troop Type: No advantage

Mithlond Guards----------1000-----------967 (-33 troops)

Great Eagles----------1000----------967 (-33 troops)

Galadhrim Lancers----------1000----------967 (-33 troops)

LEVEL 9 Goblin Camp

Loot:96.5k Gold, 289k Food, 193k Wood/Stone/Ore

Defending Troops: Ranged (500 T3, 600 T2, 1000 T1)

Suggested Troop Type: Mounted

Galadhrim Lancers----------1000----------904 (-96 troops)

LEVEL 10 Goblin Camp

Loot: 141K Gold 425K Food 383K Wood 263K Stone 283K Ore

Defending Troops: Mounted (600 T3, 800 T2, 1300 T1)

Suggested Troop Type: Foot

Mithlond Guards----------1000----------869 (-131 troops)   8=========D