Hobbit Armies Wiki

The Map is used to attack and conquer Wilds, loot Goblin Camps, attack enemies, and help friends.

Conquering Wilds helps boost your resource production by 5% x level. Different Wilds boost different resources: Grasslands and Lakes boost Food production, while Woods, Hills, and Mountains boost Wood, Stone, and Ore respectively. To conquer a Wild, you must attack it and win. You can own a number of Wilds equal to the level of your Keep. You can abandon a Wild by going to your Keep and selecting the Conquests tab. Goblin Camps owe their allegiance to the great Goblin. Attack them and return home with valuable resources! Higher level Goblin Camps are harder to beat, but also hold more resources. You cannot conquer a Goblin Camp. Cities are owned by other players. Cities belonging to members of your Alliance are marked with a blue flag. Those belonging to members of hostile alliances show a red flag.

Map system[]

The map is 800 tiles wide by 800 tiles tall. There are 640,000 tiles on the map. Coordinates are used to locate specific tiles. Coordinates always appear as two numbers separated by a comma, such as 123,456.

The map is also divided into 16 regions , four regions across by four regions down. Each region has a unique name and contain 200x200 tiles. Region names are seen on the info box when you tap a tile. They are also seen if you use a Random Jump to specific or random map coordinates. This is important, because you're likely jumping to get away from a trouble some player, so you want to make sure you get far away.