The Quest system is put into place to assist players in progression. Quests can give a direction that the players should take to grow their city. Various tasks that are given to be completed are: Building/Upgrading certain buildings, increasing base resource production, researching options, training troops, increasing tax, raising population, etc.

By completing the tasks that are displayed, the player is rewarded with various items and resources. Common rewards are Food, Wood, Ore, Stone, and Gold. Additional rewards can also be given such as Speed Up Items. Quests are the most common method of obtaining gold early on in the game. This provides the player with the resources needed to continue researching, upgrading, and training. Quests are vital to new players’ growth and without completing them, you will find that at times you will struggle to come up with enough resources and/or gold to do what is needed. A lot of quests will be completed during normal gameplay and often you will find that there are quest rewards waiting to be claimed with no prior knowledge that you were completing the task it required unless you are monitoring them.

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