2nd city

2nd City Deed and Relics

Second Cities are a player's second controllable city in the game. To own a Second City, you must control a plain (any level) and have a Second City Deed.

Acquiring a Second CityEdit

1) Second City Deeds are obtainable by redeeming 100 Second City Relics in the Sage's TowerSecond City Relics are obtainable one at a time from attacking Goblin Camps (levels 1 through 10). However, the probability of obtaining a Second City Relic increases with the level of the Goblin Camps attacked and the level of your Sage's Tower . An alternative way of obtaining Second City Relics is by attacking other players that have them inside their Sage's Tower . Although the chances of obtaining one from attacking another player is low, if successful, you obtain two Second City Relics at a time.

2) . There's a chance of winning a Second City Deed from playing Galdirel's GIft or Premium Galadriel's Gift .

3) Second City Deed can be purchased through the Shop for 225 Mithril.

Inside a Second CityEdit

The Second City includes the following:

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