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Typical Dwarf city


Middle-Earth is at the brink of war. Ancient grudges between the Elves and the Dwarves begin to arise, while the savage Orcs grow restless.

At Galadrial's urging, the Elves begin to expand their territory for the first time after thousands of years. They send promising young commanders to establish fortifacations. You are one of them.

Thorin Oakenshield seeks to reclaim the Lonely Mountain and rebuild his kingdom. But the land is too insecure. He sends trusted commanders to impose order. You, his distant relative, are among them.

Long presumed dead, the ruthless Azog has returned! The Orcs look to expand their territories. Your strength and cunning caught his eye. He orders you to found a new settlement, and sends his loyal tracker Yazneg to watch you, in case you grow treacherous.

These are dangerous times. You must build, explore and fight for survival.The future history of Middle-Earth will be written by the armies of the Third Age.

Developed by Kabam and playable through Facebook, Yahoo Games or Kabam.com

Notice: Kabam shut down all game servers on June 20th 2014. Thanks for the game Kabam. Best of luck to all[]


Dwarven Troops
Axe Thrower
Heavy Axe Thrower
Noble Axe Thrower