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The Watch Tower detects incoming enemy attacks and prevents enemies from scouting your city. Upgrade to gain more detailed information. Keep in mind only 1 Watch Tower is needed, even if you have multiple cities.

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You will be provided information on incoming attacks based on the level of your Watch Tower.

Level Information
1 Warns you of an impending attack
2 Increases your scouting efficiency
3 Tells you the time until arrival on an impending attack
4 Tells you the level and alliance of the player attacking you
5 Tells you the estimated number of troops involved in the attack
6 Tells you the troop types involved in the attack
7 Tells you the estimated number of each troop type involved in the attack
8 Tells you the exact number of each troop type involved in the attack
9 Tells you the level of the Hero leading the attack
10 Tells you the exact Research levels of the player sending the attack.

Concealing Mists[]


Using Concealing Mists (Cost: 5 Mithril) allows you to prevent enemies from gathering information if they issue a scouting mission against you. This option is located at the bottom of your Watch Tower screen as shown below.

Incoming Attacks[]


The Incoming Attacks tab allows you to view any attacks you have against you which are on their way to your cities.

When tapping on the Incoming Attacks tab, you are given a list of all the attacks you have coming toward your city. By tapping on the Arrow to the right of any incoming attack, you are given the screen shown to the left. (The White Box on the image is where the coordinates of your city or controlled wild that is being attacked are shown.)

Upgrade Requirements[]

Level Pre-requisite Food Wood Stone Ore Time
1 Level 4
Barracks 2
150 1100 3000 300 5m 0s
2 Level 4
Barracks 2
300 2200 6000 600 10m 0s
3 Level 4
Barracks 2
600 4400 12000 1200 20m 0s
4 Level 4
Barracks 2
1200 8800 24000 2400 40m 0s
5 Level 4
Barracks 2
2400 17600 48000 4800 1h 20m
6 Level 4
Barracks 2
4800 35200 96000 9600 2h 40m
7 Level 4
Barracks 2
9600 70400 192000 19200 5h 20m
8 Level 4
Barracks 2
19200 140800 384000 38400 10h 40m
9 Level 4
Barracks 2
38400 281600 768000 76800 21h 20m
10 Level 4
Barracks 2
Hobbit Building Crew 1
76800 563200 153600 153600 1d 18h 40m
  • Not all values may be correct, going by best guess as per pattern over multiple buildings. Will test values and update if incorrect.
  • The times for completion are generic. These are the times that it takes without any research or speed increase features.